For a traveller, baggage is one of the most important possessions that they carry and for belongings like this, you need insurance no matter where you are. This makes sense for certain conditions choosing travel insurance which could be used in the time of need. Whether travelling internationally or domestically, unusual things can occur at any moment and buying a domestic travel insurance which comes at a minimum cost of Rs 300-400 will not harm.: Our travel insurance policy bears the expenses of hospitalization or medical treatment for injuries, ambulance fee etc.

Travel insurance has been made to make your trip tension free and convenient. Some of the risks are real within one’s own country; domestic travel insurance makes sense when you need extended protection apart from any health policy or life insurance policy. You are not 100% assured of safety when on a holiday or business travel. It might not be a compulsion but it definitely will solve a lot of unassisted problems while on a trip. Hence choose a domestic travel plan depending upon your needs and till what extent you want to feel secured.RITCO will provide you Domestic and International Travel Insurance for your safety and convenience.